A Stress Free Back to School for You and Your Children

By Susan Hilton

“Are you up yet?”  “Mom, I can’t find my new jeans!” “What do you mean you still have homework?” “Let’s go!” “I’m leaving NOW!”

I hope your mornings don’t sound like this. If they do, it’s not too late. I will list some strategies that can help you and your children have a calmer school morning. I will also introduce you to ten essential oils for your back to school medicine cabinet.

Remember, the key to having a stress free morning is to have a smooth bedtime routine. Let’s see what we need to do to ensure that.

  • First, early to bed, early to rise. Very simple, right?  Start a routine that is followed regularly.
  • No yelling.  Raising your voice is only going to escalate matters.
  • Baths and showers need to be taken the night before. You think you will have time in the morning but you rarely do.
  • Look over homework early the night before, not at bedtime. Don’t assume it’s completed.
  • Before bed make the lunches, pack the backpack and talk to your kids about any possible surprises like needing something for show and tell or for an art project.
  • Give simple instructions. A long list of “to do’s” in the morning may be confusing for your child. They won’t get all of it done if they are confused. One instruction at a time works wonders.
  • Provide instructions ONCE.  Repeated requests like “Susie, you need to get dressed” and then two minutes later, “Susie, we’re going to be late. GET DRESSED!”  And then again and again and again.  Repeated requests only send a message that Susie doesn’t have to do it NOW.
  • Set consequences and stick to them. If you tell your child that you’re leaving at 7:45 SHARP, make it happen. Leaving without your child isn’t an option so if she/he hasn’t brushed her hair, changed clothes or eaten breakfast, leave anyway. It only will take once to change this behavior. Don’t forget to have some protein bars to take along for the ride to school.

Remember, you are the parent.  You set the routines for the night before and morning of school. Follow these steps and I know you and your children will be stress-free come school morning. However, having a well-stocked medicine cabinet could be a great strategy as well. Here’s what you need:

  1. Lavender:  Fights allergies; natural antihistamine; antiviral; antibacterial; antifungal; calming; natural neosporin; soothes bug bites and burns; immune boost.
  2. Thieves:  Germ fighter; kills airborne bacteria, virus, and molds; major immune system support.
  3. Peace & Calming:  ADD/ADHD support; calming; fights insomnia and hyperactivity; helps with focus; eases coughing attacks with asthma/respiratory infections.
  4. Lemon:  Gentle morning detox/refresher; energizing; soothes sore throats and coughs; thins mucous; lowers fever; acne spot treatment.
  5. Purification:  Antibacterial, antiseptic; ear infections; mosquito repellant; natural neosporin.
  6. Peppermint:  Tummy aches; focus and alertness; pain relief; fever reducer; decongestant; fights allergies and colds.
  7. Frankincense:  Antibacterial; cleanses and disinfects wounds; cold sores and ulcers; skin rash relief; minimizes acne scarring.
  8. R.C:  Antiviral; expectorant; opens airways; decongestant; fights asthma; soothes coughs and bronchial spasms.
  9. Maleleuca Alternifolia (tea tree):  Antiseptic; antifungal; ear infections; sore throat; scrapes; burns; bites; repels and kills lice.
  10. Valor:  eases anxiety; helps with focus; sore muscles; ADD/ADHD support.

Your school nights and mornings can be stress free. These strategies and back to school essential oils are the key.  The Nature Cottage provides Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Products for your health and wellness. Come in or give us a call.   www.thenaturecottage.com

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