Conventional Leadership vs. Godly Leadership: What Does God Expect of His Children?

By Brittany Garner

Most would probably say there are just two types of leaders in the world, those who are born and those who are taught. Most would probably also agree that those we would consider to be great leaders share certain characteristics of their leadership.

Conventional leaders are bold, confident, patient, helpful, and charismatic, among numerous other things. These are the outspoken, independent people others feel comfortable following because of their natural, go-getting attitude. True, there are obvious traits conventional leaders share, but God shows us there are other ways to be a great leader.

As Christians, God expects a lot of His leaders. (This is great, because He is the One that equips us for leadership in the first place.) The skills we need come from Him, and He specializes in qualifying even the most unqualified. He makes even the meekest completely worthy of becoming the greatest leader.

I am graduating with a degree in communication next year, and people in my field often pride themselves on their good leadership. We take entire classes on leadership and teamwork, and it is often an integral part of our lives as good communicators. Even though confidence, boldness, and other obvious traits are vital for conventional leadership, God doesn’t see these characteristics as most important.

Leadership is not independence. Real, Godly leadership is only found in complete submission. A Godly leader practices total submission to God, and leads with a servant’s spirit. Humility is undoubtedly one of the most important characteristics of Godly leadership. Paul tells us in Philippians 2:3 to “esteem others even above yourself,” and maintain a servant’s spirit much as Jesus Himself did in His own leadership.

Humility, submission and faith are the keys to Godly leadership. Allowing God to lead through you will give you a chance to see just how much you can achieve with the wisdom and guidance He will offer you.

Granted, God has different plans for all of His children, and some of us are naturally better at leading than others. That said, it only means He made us individual, not inadequate to anyone else based on someone’s natural skills. In fact, He has already equipped each and every one of us to be a good leader. Godly leadership doesn’t always have to be as blatant as conventional leadership. Simply showing someone the love of Christ or sharing a piece of your testimony is a way for you to take initiative and show Godly leadership. Conventional leadership is something God absolutely has in store for some, but Godly leadership is within reach of every Child of God. Once we have accepted Christ as our Savior, absolutely nothing is impossible.

God expects each and every one of us to be great leaders, not because we were simply born that way, or even taught, but because He expects our faith to be great enough to know He will equip us to move any mountain He wants us to move. So even though most people would say that there are only two types of leaders in the world, there are actually three. There are those who are born, those who are taught, and those who are equipped by God to become even more than they could ever imagine, and that is the best form of leadership there is.

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