Sweet RAKed

Submitted by Kassandra Newman

In honor of her 31st birthday, my friend Tasha Melton asked 31 of her family and friends to perform 31 random acts of kindness…#17

I was in Winston Salem earlier and I went to Baskin Robbins to cash in on my free scoop of ice cream. As I approached the intersection, I saw a man selling newspapers. I see these men all the time at the intersection, doing their job. They are always smiling and waving. As he approached my car, I was thinking to myself I’m really not in the mood to talk, so I sadly avoided eye contact. The man was standing on the median and mouthed some words to me. I rolled down the window and he said, “Hey, how are you doing?”  I said, “I’m good.”  He then said “Man, now you having me wanting some ice cream.”  Immediately, my heart softened.

I smiled and told him if I had known he wanted some I would’ve brought him some in a jokingly manner of course. He said, “Okay, next time!” While we were chatting I asked him, “What type of ice cream do you like?” He replied, “butter pecan.”

As I proceeded through the light with intent to continue to my next destination where I intended to carry out my initial RAK, I knew I had to go back to Baskin Robbins and that is what I did. I ordered a double scoop of butter pecan and a water. I prayed that the light would turn red so I would have time to give it Anthony.

As I approached him, he recognized me and started waving. The light turned red and I rolled the window down and said, “Hey, look what I have!”   His eyes immediately lit up, and so did mine. He was so appreciative and excited. We chatted a little longer and after he thanked me over and over, I drove off to my next destination.

I know without a doubt that was a divine appointment. Blessed to be a blessing and in the end I was blessed because I got to put a smile on someone’s face with something as simple as ice cream. GOD has told us in His word that He wants us to love our neighbors. Love is an action and I want to give love as much as I can while I can. Tasha, thank you for the challenge! You have such a pure heart and I pray that GOD continues to shower you with His blessings. ‪#‎blessed ‪#‎thankful ‪#‎grateful

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